That is why this mini-milestone of a quarter of a century is so important. The Counselors Academy represents the first organized effort to meet the professional development needs of our specialized and special segment of public relations practice.

It has been stated rather frequently through the years by myself and others that the best of our breed are counselors and the brightest of those are members of this Academy. The naked truth on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary is that we are imperfect people practicing an imperfect craft. The Counselors Academy is, in fact, a consortium of like-minded individuals from firms of all sizes who are dedicated to the pursuit of more professional knowledge because they embrace the joy of learning as well as the concept that there is still much for all of us to learn.

Side-by-side, the men and women and of The Counselors Academy have shown through words and deeds that public relations counseling can be pursued with both ingenuity and integrity.

Special note: While the Counselors Academy is guided by its members and , many of its accomplishments are realized thanks to the efforts of the devoted staff at PRSA. The Counselors Academy extends a grateful thank you for all you do.